Tuesday, July 19, 2011

To Answer Any Future Questions...

Hello readers!

I know at some point I'm going to get asked this question, so I'm just going to answer it ahead of time.

I read so many books about LGBTQs (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning), why is that? Am I gay?

Actually no, I have a boyfriend of 7 months who I love very very very much!

So why am I so involved with the LGBT community? Well I'm not actually sure!! Haha except one summer day in 2009 my friend told me to look up a guy on YouTube. And yeah! That's where it started :) He's gay, and he's my idol because he's taught me to be optimistic and changed me in a million ways to be a better person. And a lot of my favorite singers are gay (Adam Lambert) and music is an extremely important part of my life. After reading Sing You Home by Jodi Picoult (I think I spelled her name right), I want to be a lawyer for gay rights when I grow up (at this moment, because anything could change!).

Even though I'm straight, I support the LGBT community 110%. I don't like to have requirements for guys that I like, but the one thing I do have is that they can't have homophobia. If they are, we're bound to break up at some point because I wouldn't be able to stand that with a guy I like. Hate isn't attractive.

Here's one of my favorite quotes by Jodi Picoult from Sing You Home (page 95). When I read it, it was so powerful I re-read it and took the time to write it down.

"I remember my mother telling me that, when she was a little girl in Catholic school, the nuns used to hit her left hand every time she wrote with it. Nowadays, if a teacher did that, she'd probably be arrested for child abuse. The optimist in me wants to believe sexuality will eventually be like handwriting: there's no right or wrong way to do it. We're all just wired differently. It's also worth noting that, when you meet someone, you never bother to ask if he's right or left handed. After all, does it really matter to anyone other than the person holding the pen?"

So I hope that answers any future questions :)

Any other ones, feel free to contact me!



  1. Who is the person on youtube? I'd love to know since you had such a good experience watching his videos. Thanks!

  2. Talia, his name is Matthew Lush and you can watch his videos at YouTube.com/gaygod . He's inspiring and just seems like a person who puts everyone before himself. Some people admire him and some think he's arrogant and flamboyant haha it just depends on how you choose to see him! :)


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