Friday, July 22, 2011

Monster High (Monster High #1) by Lisi Harrison

I read this book a few weeks ago, but I wanted to review it before I had to return it to the library so here it goes! This will be a quick review because I've got caught up in a whole bunch of different stories since I read it, so you know how that goes.... :)

Monster High (Monster High #1)

I honestly have no idea why I wanted to read this book lol. I knew that it was based off of dolls, TV show, etc, the whole thing! :P But the cover was pretty cute, and I had read books by Harrison, so I decided to give it a try.

I really liked the idea of this book,  having monsters living in Salem and attending secret meetings, trying to fit in, etc. It's quite cute, and some parts are easy to relate to, being a teenager myself.

Something about the plot I must disagree on is the romance between the Melody, Frankie, DJ, and Jackson. DJ and Jackson are the same person, but different personas because he's related to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. LOL! Bipolar much? So when it gets too hot, Jackson changes to DJ. Melody and Jackson have a thing, and then Frankie and DJ have a thing. So basically, the guy is with both the girls. But he's not the same person! This just bugs me so much. And also, Frankie was in love with Brett like 10 seconds ago, so what's with the sudden interest in DJ? Goshh such fickle characters!!

It's a really fun, quick, light read, nothing too serious about it. Doesn't involve too much concentration, which is something I lack occasionally lol.

Another complaint is how the story ended. You know there's going to be a second book, but that doesn't mean that the author can just stop right in the middle of the action! >:( But she does, so we'll all just forced to wait for the sequel, The Ghoul Next Door , to figure out what happens.

Overall, it's a cute, creative story that's worth reading if you're in the mood. I would give it 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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