Sunday, August 14, 2011

Bad Taste in Boys (Kate Grable #1) by Carrie Harris

Bad Taste in Boys (Kate Grable #1)
Kate Grable is the student trainer for the football team. They suck, btw. She tends to any small injuries they have and gives them Gatorade. This position gives her the chance to watch her crush Aaron (get beaten up every game) all the time. When she discovers that the boys on the football team are being injected by something that was thought to be steroids, she’s concerned. She becomes even more concerned when they start turning into zombies. Now, it’s up to her to find a cure before the entire town turns into a worm fest!
The characters were lovable and quite entertaining. I have to say that my favorite character was the pubescent younger brother Jonah. He was wayyy awkward and funny. Like some people I know. Hmmm…
The story was actually pretty gory and gross at times. There’s detatched fingers, black vomit, and bite marks. It gets really graphic, and that really isn’t my thing.
I loved the cover, it’s what caught my eye. It’s just gorgeous. It was kinda disappointing though, because it didn’t really fit the book at all. And neither did the cover. I loved them, I just didn’t think they were appropriate for this book.  
I thought the story line was just okay, and the ending was way too fast. This book is only 200 pages long, so I don’t know what I expected haha.
Bad Taste in Boys was just an okay book for me. It had its moments, but it wasn’t something that really stood out to me. I wouldn’t really recommend it to anyone, except for maybe if you were really into zombies. The concept was interesting enough, but after I started reading it, it was just weird! Overall, it was funny and entertaining, and the characters were easy to like. It really wasn’t my thing, and gross and graphic at a lot of times. It was mostly just strange for me. It was a fun, quick read, but nothing too special for me. 2 out of 5 stars.

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