Friday, November 4, 2011

Something Borrowed (Darcy & Rachel) by Emily Griffin

Something Borrowed (Darcy & Rachel, #1)

Friend or romantic relationship? I think that a lot of us can relate to that one, because we have had to make a similar choice in our life, whether we've realized it or not. Rachel, our protagonist, is caught in a tricky situation. Her best friend Darcy whom she's known forever has always had it made. She's always had more money, more friends, and more guys. So of course she would be the one to be getting married to Dex while Rachel still doesn't even have a guy in sight. After a night with a little too much drinking, Rachel and Dex end up in bed together. Rachel dismisses it and tells herself that they were drunk and never to think of it again. It was in the past right? Well it was, until Dex calls her and tells her that he is beginning to have actual feelings for her and they should get together again. They meet in secret a few times and Rachel realizes that she is in love with her best friend's fiance.

I really enjoyed Something Borrowed. I liked the plot, the writing style, and the characters. Especially the characters. I think they were really well formed and 3D. However, they do have their flaws but I think it makes them more endearing in a way.

I did have a problem with the morality of the whole issue. I mean, it IS her best friend. And even if she is a bitch and has gotten everything she's wanted, does that make it okay? And Dex, what kind of person does that make him? It was honestly just really confusing trying to decide who I supported when you really think about it. I do have to give Griffin two thumbs up for throwing surprises in there and keeping me on my toes and changing my views on the characters. I have also had to choose between a friend and a guy before in my life (not on such an extreme level as Rachel though). And I chose the guy, so I guess that makes me the bad person lol. So I found it easy to relate to the big picture thing. If I were to just tell you the plot of this story, you would probably already hate Rachel a little bit for doing that to her friend. But as you read the story, you find yourself feeling sympathetic and understanding of Rachel and not hating her. It's weird I tell you! And I am seriously wondering what the whole message the author was trying to convey was. Cheating is okay? As long as it's love? Real friendships would last?

I know this book has been made into a movie and it got really low reviews and they probably butchered the book lol but I'm going to watch it and we'll see. I'll post the movie vs. book here after.

I'm looking forward to reading the second book, because it's about Darcy. I didn't like Darcy, but she might redeem herself in the sequel.

All in all, I did enjoy Something Borrowed and would recommend it. It's morally confusing, but it's enjoyable and it will give you something to think about! 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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