Friday, October 28, 2011

Shut Out by Kody Keplinger

Shut Out

Every year it's the same. The football team and the soccer team continue with the rivalries that have been going on much, much longer than any of them can remember. It's been going on so long that they can't even remember why it started in the first place. The girlfriends of the players are tired of it though. Every year they are cast aside for the rivalry. Example, if a girl had a date with a football player, he might cancel on her to go do something stupid like toilet paper a soccer player's house. Lissa vows to change this, so she gets together a group of the girlfriends where they take an oath. They say that the guys won't get any action from them until the rivalry stops. It seems simple enough, until it escalates into a full on, guys-vs-girls battle instead.

I loved the humor of this book! It was hilarious and it made me laugh out loud on multiple occasions. The plot is interesting enough, and the author takes a light tone that makes it easy to follow. I loved how it was modeled after a Greek play, especially since that's what we're studying in English right now.

However, I found it to be a bit unrealistic. First of all, how many high school relationships last over a year? Well, being a high-schooler, let me tell you. A year is a longggggg time. So it seems a bit odd that like all the players have such long lasting relationships lol. And also, how desperate the guys are for sex. Like it's almost at an extreme haha. But anyway, besides these few unrealistic qualities of the book, I found It quite enjoyable.

Lissa, I didn't like too much. She makes me want to smack her so she can realize what she's doing and what she's missing out on and all the bad choices she's making! She is basically just clueless to everyone else's feelings around her due to her controlling attitude. Randy kinda disappointed me, because he seemed really sweet and I actually had liked him. Until...... well I won't ruin it for you ;). Cash was adorable, I approve of him haha. And Chloe is awesome. I liked her personality!

I liked how the book wasn't REALLY about romance. The romance was more on the side, and even though the book is about a sex strike, it's also about friendship, girl power, and discovering yourself. Points to Lissa for becoming a better person in the end!

It's a bit forward about sex, but not graphic or anything. So if it will make you uncomfortable I don't recommend it. But for anyone else, it will be a light, entertaining, fun read :) I found it entertaining and enjoyable.  4 out of 5 stars.

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