Sunday, November 27, 2011

Rules of Attraction (Perfect Chemistry #2) by Simone Elkes

Rules of Attraction (Perfect Chemistry, #2)

Perfect Chemistry left us off with Brittany and Alex going off to college together, and the rest of Alex's family being sent back to Mexico for their protection. Rules of Attraction tells the story of Alex's younger brother Carlos when he returns to Colorado. After an incident, he ends up living with his peer guide, Kiara. And what happens when you have Carlos, the cocky rebel, and Kiara, the insecure sharp one? Perfect Chemistry.

I really liked Perfect Chemistry, and I was reluctant to read Rules of Attraction, basically because it seems like it was the same plot. gangbanger + white girl = unpredictable love. But I do have to give props to the author. Kiara was nothing like Brittany. She wasn't popular and confident, in fact she was just the opposite. And Carlos was similar to Alex, but that's because they're brothers. But it wasn't exactly the same and it was different enough to be enjoyable.

I really liked how Alex and Brittany were part of this story, so it's not like they were cast off into some other world. Carlos is hotttt. The only bad thing about that is that he knows it. It just adds to his charm :). Kiara was a great character, I liked how she could keep up with Carlos and challenge him. I loved the cookie magnet thing! However, I felt like she didn't get as many pages as Carlos did.

As for the cover... Not doing it for me. It looks like it was badly photoshopped, and just... no. Haha that's all about the cover. And the epilogue? Really cheesy and unnecessary. You think Elkes would have learned from her last novel! But anyway.

Overall, Rules of Attraction was a cute romance story and a nice sequel to Perfect Chemistry, despite the similar plot. I look forward to reading the third one. 4 out of 5 stars.

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