Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Shopaholic & Sister (Shopaholic #4) by Sophie Kinsella

Shopaholic and Sister (Shopaholic, #4)

Becky and Luke have been honeymooning around the world for a year. Everything is perfect, they've been having a great carefree time. When they finally decide to return to London, Becky imagines that everyone will welcome her with open arms and want to hear all about her trip, she'll go shopping with Suze again, catch up with her parents, and Luke will stop being so obsessed with work. She's dissapointed to find that her parents seem nervous around her, almost like they're hiding something. Suze has found a new best friend, and they've bonded over their children. And Luke is still obsessed with his work. Becky has been feeling a bit down, until her parents tell her what they've been hiding from her. She has a sister! Well, a half sister. Becky is filled with wonderful ideas about how they're going to form a sisterly bond and go shopping together and watch girly movies until.... she realizes that Jess (her sister) hates shopping and is super stingy with money. How can they possibly be sisters?

Becky really frustrated me in this one. How has she NOT gotten over her spending problem or improved her habits at all? Putting that small detail aside, Shopaholic & Sister was a nice addition to the series. Jess was a little bit over the top, but then again, so is Becky! They're complete opposites, and it's funny to see them communicate with eachother. I liked how Luke played more of a part in this story than the other ones, and how Becky is sort of not really learing to live frugally (as if).

There's not a whole lot that's different than the other Shopaholic books. The author hasn't lost Becky's voice (or her spending problem lol). I liked the other ones, and I liked this one. It's a cute, fun series that I find worth reading again. :) 4 out of 5 stars.

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