Monday, November 21, 2011

A Kiss In Time by Alex Flinn

Hello readers! I've been a little behind in writing reviews, so I'm these next few ones are going to be brief so I can catch up :)

A Kiss in Time

A Kiss in Time tells the story of Talia and Jack. Talia was warned by her parents never to touch a spindle, but she does (without knowing what it is) and falls into a deep sleep where she is only to be waken up by her true love. 300 years later, Jack is touring Europe and breaks off from his tour group. He comes across the hidden city of Euphrasia and finds a beautiful girl sleeping. He kisses her, and she wakes up, which is where the trouble starts. Talia's family is very upset with her for "ruining their kingdom" with her stupidity, so she begs Jack to take her with him to Florida.

I loved the modern day take on Sleeping Beauty, which was my favorite fairy tale when I was younger. Talia and Jack are both lovable characters, and the plot is interesting and fast paced. I loved reading Talia's take on Florida's culture and her awe of bathing suits and how people acted. I think the author did a great job of incorporating what someone would be thinking after waking up from a 300 year's sleep.

This book is definitely heavy on dialogue, and I think it's safe to say that it's a lot of "talk but no action". There is action, but it all goes by so fast and is hardly drawn out. I felt like the reading wasn't quite as advanced as I would like it to be (or at least not advanced enough for me). I think that I would have enjoyed this book a LOT if I had read it when I was like in 6th grade. I'm older now, and I still liked it, but I felt there was so much talking and it was so fast paced I didn't get to enjoy just one part of it before I was whisked away to another.

I enjoyed Beastly a lot, an A Kiss In Time was sadly not as enjoyable as Beastly. I would give this 3.5 out of 5 stars . I liked it, but not enough to read again. I would recommend it to readers who enjoyed Beastly, readers who like modern day fairy tales, or middle schoolers who want a fun romance story.

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