Friday, September 16, 2011

Picture Perfect by Catherine Clark

Picture Perfect

Every few years, Emily's dad drags the family along to some vacation spot where they spend a few weeks in the summer with his old college friends. All his friends have kids that are the same age, so Emily, Spencer, Adam, and Heather have known each other forever. This year, the trip will be different though. It's the summer before college, and the first time Emily will have seen Spencer in a long time. The last time she saw him, she pronounced her love for him, and he awkwardly ignored her. Her friend Heather convinces her that this is the PERFECT time to have a fling, and Emily decides that she's right. Now, Emily has to get over Spencer, find someone to have a fling with, and enjoy her summer.

First of all, the characters. I didn't really feel like I connected with Emily a whole lot, probably because she had liked Simon. Simon is like OMG the hugest dick ever. He seriously needs to get over himself. I didn't feel like I really understood Emily a whole lot because of that, and her desperation to meet someone new. And the weird thing is, that I pretty much disliked Simon from the beginning of the book. But then, towards the middle-end ish, I actually started liking him. So thumbs up for the author for being able to change my mind like that!

I felt like the ending was too short, however. I felt that there were a few loose ends that should have been tied. Such as, the calendar Emily was making. It seems almost like a metaphor throughout the story, and she mentions it a lot. She was supposed to make the calendar as a gift for everyone, but the story ended before she could give it to them. It's not a huge deal, I just think that that thought should have been completed. Also, Blake! **SPOILER HERE** He was pretty much a jerk to her (or so we think) and I would have liked an apology, or an explanation from him so that he wouldn't have just dropped out of the story.

I liked the basic idea of the story, though it wasn't anything too special. It made me laugh out loud on multiple occasions, and definitely was entertaining at some parts. It was a quick read that didn't require too much concentration and chick-lit happiness. I love romance/girly books, and if Picture Perfect sounds interesting, than read it! But if it sounds kinda ehh, skip it and go for another book. I enjoyed this book, and it had it's good moments, but it wasn't anything too special. So, 3 out of 3 stars !

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