Monday, September 26, 2011

Beastly: Movie vs. Book

Beastly Poster

So, I just watched Beastly and decided that I would do a comparison of the movie vs. book version. This will be kinda quick because I have to take a shower soon lol.

First of all, the obvious difference was Kyle. Kyle isn't "beastly" he just looks like he was in a gruesome knife fight and got some cool tribal tattoos and piercings at some point. And Lindy isn't "homely beautiful", she's just pretty haha. There were some plot changes, like the whole beginning! There were a few things that made me a little angry like "OMG how could you change that!" like Kyle's new name. Was there really a point to changing it from Adrian to Hunter? What was the big deal?

The movie would probably be pretty good if you saw it on it's own, but compared to the book it's nowhere near as amazing.

I did like Alex Pettyfer's acting though, I think he played a GREAT Kyle. And especially the anger and frustration part. And of course, after reading the book, you feel like you got absolutely nothing out of the movie because they took out huge, giant chunks of the book from the story, but hey, they have to fit it all in in an hour and a half.

If you plan on watching this movie, I would recommend you read the book first, because its much, much better and more romantic. And then, see the movie, but prepare yourself for a little disappointment. Because Alex Flinn's writing is pretty damn good.

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